fuck this shit, ill just live outta my car




White people pretending like they know more about my culture than I do

It’s horrifying that I’m not the only one facing this, that white people not only romanticize the fuck out of our religion and culture, appropriate it, but now have taken to trying to teach us how it works instead. 

idk how to react - it’s kinda too ridiculous to be real.


im not indian, but i worked in an indian restaurant in a very white part of town, so everyone thought i was indian cuz i was brown and i would always have white people come in thinking it was time for a pop quiz about indian culture.

like, quit asking about hella items you know are not on the menu just so you can show me you know what they are.


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why is every boy i wanna fuck at least 6 years older than me its NOT FAIR



So Urban Outfitters sells a fursuit head now.  I’ve been making their catalogs furry for a while now…  (all 13 pages here)

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get around round round i get around

i want dick NOW


today i called out some dude on shitty behavior and he got hella mad at me and told me that im never going to be able to play a show anymore.

then my friends that are more famous than him agreed with me and he backtracked hella.

funny. still a fuccboi.

but in the long run this was still hella productive.


I watch this at least 10 times every time it shows up on my dash


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today i had feelings

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